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Discover the finest online betting sites for NBA games. Choose a sportsbook from the list below, or continue reading for our NBA betting guide, in which we’ll discuss the finest NBA wagers, the most recent schedule, and a few top betting recommendations.



Each site on the list guarantees an exceptional NBA betting experience. Find the best sportsbooks for 2022 that give generous bonuses, quick withdrawals, and a wide variety of NBA wagers. Examine the information below to begin NBA betting with confidence.

NBA Best Bets and Markets


The NBA has a vast array of betting and market choices. Below is a list of the most common NBA wagering options. For a comprehensive overview, please visit our basketball page.

NBA Moneyline Wagers


In moneyline wagers, you select who you believe will win a game. The favorite’s moneyline odds will have a negative (-) sign in front of their price, while the underdog’s odds will have a plus (+) sign. Examine the example given below:


Cleveland Cavaliers -250

+300 San Antonio Spurs

Moneyline costs are usually expressed in terms of $100. With the Cavaliers, a $100 profit would need a wager of $250. A $100 wager on Spurs returns a $300 profit.


In general, moneyline wagers are the greatest choices for NBA rookies. They are easy to comprehend and available at the majority of NBA betting sites. Likewise, payouts for underdogs might be enormous. If there is value and sufficient justification to wager on the underdog, it is always advantageous to do so.

NBA Prop Bets


What exactly is an NBA Prop Bet?

NBA prop bets are wagers that have nothing to do with the game’s outcome. Typically, this form of wager is divided into two options: NBA player props and NBA team props. These will be available in every game and are more focused on a player’s or team’s statistical performance. NBA prop bets are more entertaining and bring a great deal of excitement to the game.


NBA Player Futures Wagers

Player prop wagers center on a certain basketball player. The majority of NBA prop bets are over/under wagers, such as Stephen Curry to score over or under 28.5 points in a game. In addition to the amount of points, common player props include the number of rebounds, assists, steals, and three-point field goals.


NBA Team Futures Bets

Team props are based on the performance of the entire team. In addition to the over/under format, they may also accept wagers on which team will score first or which team will reach 10 points first. Team props are ideal if you want to back a team but don’t want to wager on whether or not they will win.


NBA Betting Tips

Whether you are new to NBA betting or simply wanting to improve your approach, it is always important to analyze the various factors that might effect a game. These are the most important factors to consider before making a wager on an NBA betting website.


Follow team updates

Important for NBA betting are roster updates and injury reports. If you do not investigate this beforehand and it turns out that your team’s greatest player is not on the court, this might have a significant impact on your wager. Before putting a wager on an NBA game, you should always conduct research to ensure that your team is playing at full strength.


Mobile Sports Coverage

Consider home-court advantage

There is nowhere quite like home. Many bettors feel that a team has an edge while playing on its home court. This is due to the home team having more rest than the visiting squad, which has been traveling. Observe instances in which this occurs to see whether it affects your wager. It is usually important to check a team’s road record.


NBA Basketball Court Study trends and statistics

Researching statistics and trends is our number one NBA betting suggestion. Head-to-head records do not guarantee a win, but they do help you make more educated wagering selections. Public consensus forecasts may also be quite helpful when determining which way to bet, since they provide insight into the decisions other bettors are making and indicate where you may be able to see possibilities that others have overlooked.


Trend and Statistical Data

Examine what the authorities have to say.

NBA wagering is a worldwide phenomenon, thus there are several specialists to consult. Most will provide their own NBA choices and forecasts. While they will not always be correct with their predictions, tipsters and experts can point out things that you may have overlooked while putting your wager. Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit are all excellent starting points for data collection.



Popular NBA Events Available for Wagers

The options for wagering on NBA events extend far beyond regular season games. The finest NBA betting sites will provide several wagers and markets on all NBA-related events. Below are the most popular NBA events on which you may wager.


NBA Preseason Wagers

NBA Preseason Wagers

In October, before the NBA season begins in earnest, you may observe how teams are shaping up in preseason games. Then, you may examine NBA futures markets and place early wagers. Even though less wagers are placed during the preseason compared to the regular season, there are still several markets accessible for wagering.


NBA All-Star Betting

NBA All-Star Betting

Every February, during All-Star Weekend, the NBA presents its All-Star Game. Votes cast by professional basketball players, fans, and members of the media decide roster inclusion. In addition to wagering on which All-Star team will win, it is possible to wager on markets such as the Most Valuable Player of the All-Star Game. In the Skills Challenge, athletes demonstrate their shooting, passing, and ball-handling abilities.


NBA Playoffs Futures Bets

NBA Playoffs Futures Bets

In April and May, the top eight teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences battle for a spot in the NBA Finals. Each conference conducts a best-of-seven series, with a first round, semi-finals, and two Conference Finals before the two Conference Championships. During the playoffs, it is common to wager on the conference champions and the outright winners of each series.


NBA Finals Betting

NBA Finals Betting

In the NBA Finals, the Eastern and Western Conference champions face off. After the playoff series conclude in June, you may wager on a variety of markets, including the club that will win the championship. Another typical wager put at this time is on the Finals Most Valuable Player.


How We Rate Online NBA Betting Sites

When evaluating the best NBA betting sites, our analysts focus on six distinct aspects. Any sportsbook that meets the following criteria, as determined by our stringent evaluation procedure, is recommended on our website:



The site’s prizes and incentives must be tailored to NBA bettors. We give high marks to sportsbooks with big sign-up bonuses that may be spent on basketball wagers and have simple conditions. The finest NBA betting companies online will also continue to reward your loyalty with frequent promotions, free bets, and special deals.


Promotions \sSecurity

You must wager with confidence that your account and personal information are secure. All of the NBA betting sites that we endorse are regulated by reputable agencies and take security very seriously. Similar to online banking, it is crucial that companies employ SSL encryption technology to get our approval.


Security Payment Alternatives

The finest sportsbooks provide a wide selection of deposit and withdrawal options. We recommend betting sites that allow e-wallets in addition to credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. It is also a major bonus when earnings are deposited swiftly into your preferred account.


Payment options

Markets and bet kinds

When it comes to putting NBA wagers, you should have several options. Standard fixed odds markets on a game’s result are insufficient. At the best online sportsbooks, you can expect to find everything from parlays to live in-game wagering, as well as a variety of markets, prop bets, and futures.


Markets and bet kinds

oddities and peculiarities

When placing bets online, you want to maximize your returns. The odds offered by the NBA sportsbooks we suggest must be competitive within the betting industry. Any online sportsbook that offers extra services, like as NBA statistics and live game video, receives a high grade from us.


oddities and peculiarities

Mobile betting

Numerous bettors deem it necessary to be able to place NBA wagers through mobile device. The sites we propose will put the markets at your fingertips on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Many also provide sports betting applications for extra ease.


Mobile betting Final Verdict

If a sportsbook meets all of the above requirements, it will be included on our shortlist. Regularly, our team of reviewers updates rankings to guarantee that you are betting at a top-recommended NBA betting site.

NBA Betting FAQs


How do you wager on the NBA championship?

Visit an online NBA betting site, create an account, deposit dollars, and then navigate to the desired market. There should be odds given for multiple markets associated with the NBA championship game.


Is it permissible to wager on NBA games?

This is dependent upon your state or region of residence. Varied nations have different rules regarding both online and offline sports betting, so be careful to check first.


Where are the top NBA betting locations?

This article contains our suggestions for the top online NBA betting sites. All of these have passed our rigorous assessment procedure and provide a wide variety of NBA wagers.


How can you wager on the MVP of the NBA Finals?

Find the Finals MVP market on an online NBA betting site under the basketball or NBA category. Make a selection, input your bet, and place your wager. It is that straightforward. If you are uncertain about who to bet on, we suggest consulting NBA tipsters.


What does the NBA term spread mean?

A point spread is the amount of points that the oddsmaker predicts each side will win or lose by. The underdog will be represented by a plus sign (+) and the favored by a negative sign (-). (-).


What is NBA line betting?

A sportsbook sets a line for line betting to level the playing field. The margin indicates how much the favorite must win by and how much the underdog must lose by. Another popular name for line wagering is handicap wagering.


What is NBA handicap betting?

Handicap betting is a synonym for spread or line betting. The wager provides the favored a disadvantage and the underdogs an advantage. With handicap wagers, gamblers choose between backing the favorite to win by a certain margin or the underdog to lose by a specified margin.


Does overtime factor towards NBA wagering?

All NBA wagers include overtime unless noted differently. This does not apply to some wager kinds, such as the “win match normal time” market. Before placing a wager, be sure to check the terms and conditions.


How are wagers placed on NBA All-Star games?

To wager on an NBA All-Star game, simply locate the NBA betting area at a bookmaker. The betting process is identical to that of the regular NBA season, with the majority of the same bets and markets available.


Can you wager on NBA Summer League games?

Yes, it is possible to wager on the NBA Summer League. Typically, the games are somewhat more unexpected, but the majority of the standard betting markets still apply.


Where can I find NBA-related information?

For the most recent NBA news, visit our sports news center. Or, for something a bit more entertaining, find out which NBA players are the richest and which are the most overpaid.

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